GRS is committed to providing you with a comprehensive set of services that will ensure your relocation is as smooth as possible. Depending on your specific needs and circumstances, GRS will:


  • Facilitate your home or apartment search based on your needs, including the neogotiation of the terms and conditions for the lease agreement.


  • Teach you about Chilean cultural and social norms .
  • Provide you with an orientation tour of the city and your area of residence.

Community and Personal Services

  • Faciltate your search for schools, nurseries, daycare and give you all the needed guidance and support for the registration, admission and enrollment process.
  • Familiarize you with community services such as garbage collection, mail services and security services.
  • Search for, interview and contract domestic services and other support services such as maid, gardener, nannies, electricians taking into consideration Chilean labor laws.
  • Show you the closest hospital and health clinic and familiarize you with the emergency room and associated administrative procedures.
  • Show you the closest supermarket including a tour which will familiarize you with local products (for example cuts of meat, or products that are equivalent to the ones you are used to in your home country), show you where to return empty bottles and help you understand the administrative processes needed for non-cash payment.
  • Demonstrate how to use public transportation including the subway, taxis and buses.
  • Assist you with banking procedures.
  • Assist you with purchasing health insurance.
  • Assist you with purchasing appliances and furniture.
  • Assist you with private transportation needs, including obtaining a toll tag needed for driving on key highways.
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