When we moved to Chile three years ago,  we were a bit worried if that would work out since two of our children have special needs. When we arrived in Santiago, Valerie from Global Relocation Services had already screened and contacted several special ed schools, and we were happy that we found the right one for our kids. Also searching a house for our family went smoother than expected. We explained to Valerie what we were looking for and among the hundreds of houses on the market she showed us only those that would be acceptable in terms of our needs and preferences. That was a much better experience compared to other movers where we had to rely on realtors who just want to “sell” us what they had and who did not dont care about our needs. We still saw about a dozen houses and finally found the one where we still live…

…The GRS staff here in Santiago is very competent, they listen to you in order to find out about your and your family’s needs, they speak English and Spanish very well… I can recommend them without reservation to anybody who is moving to Santiago.”

 – Rainer


“We have recently been relocated from Australia to Chile for work purposes. As such, our employer hired GRS to help us settle in. Soledad was our agent and our first friend in Chile. As a seasoned traveler herself, she knew first hand how to best assist us with the nitty gritty of finding a place, opening a bank account, learning the Chilean culture, showing us where to best buy everything we needed, from groceries to furniture and sweets, including an introduction and addiction to “manjar”… Many of these can be quite daunting for new comers unfamiliar with the language and local practices. But with Soledad’s helping hand, it felt more like a very productive time hanging out with a good friend.”

– Caro & Frik


“GRS Chile’s services were very useful upon our arrival, more than anything in helping us find an apartment because we had no idea where and how to move. Having a young daughter made us appreciate the support even more. I would definitely recommend GRS for anyone moving to Chile from abroad.”



“When my husband and I returned to Chile for a project he was on, my decision to hire GRS when we needed to rent an apartment was the best decision I could ever have made.  In four days we had the apartment we specified and from that point on we received GRS’s help settling in completely. It was the most pleasant, helpful experience […]

[…] I have such deep appreciation for the extremely efficient, experienced, professional assistance you gave me at a time when it was just so important and there was no room for mistakes. I would so readily urge anyone relocating to Chile to contact GRS.”

Pat M. 


“It meant a lot to come to a new country and to find someone friendly to welcome me and help me with all the practicalities and the million questions I had. Our move was so smooth and successful definitely thanks to you, all the information you gave us but also the support on a personal level in the first couple of months. It is challenging to move to another country but definitely your help and support made it much easier. Thanks a lot!”

– Laura R.


“We were very happy with the relocation service provided by GRS, they were extremely helpful in all aspects of our move.”



“Working with GRS was very effective and useful to our relocation. We had a tight schedule and GRS managed to provide us a very effective tour of the city, rental houses, schooling and other logistics. We could do everything we wanted in a four day visit to Chile. Even if we are Spanish native speakers, GRS helped us very much putting together the paperwork and advised us on the contract negotiations and provided us with what we really needed when facing an intercontinental relocation.”


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